I’m Still Here!

I know it’s been a while since I blogged! There are good reasons for that, though. In the past months since I last blogged, I’ve been super busy with…

  • …countless nationwide radio talk shows
  • …L.A. Times YouTube interviews
  • …numerous book signings
  • …TV shows (CNN, Fox News, NBC)

…and I’ll be doing a radio talk show this Saturday! May 4th @ 10:00 a.m., live radio interview with World Footprints. Join in the conversation!

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Tales From The Tarmac

After almost two years  of writing and procrastinating, my nonfiction book has taken off the ground and the sky’s the limit!  With the forthcoming holidays upon us, airports will once again become loony bins as a myriad of people embark on their journeys. Having said that, it would be most prudent this holiday season for  travelers and airport employees to prepare themselves for the crazy nuances that will inevitably transpire. My readers are at times, in total disbelief, yet enlightened after reading the book. It truly validates that… Truth Is Stranger than Fiction. Would love for you to share some of your stories with us and perhaps it will find a place in the sequel of “Tales From The Tarmac TOO”

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First Post!

Hello and welcome to TalesFromTheTarmac.me, an official site for my book of the same name.

Please bear with me as I slowly immerse myself into the world of blogging!

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